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I opened my eyes…

1st prize, Bacharelato, III English Literary Contest

It was a winter night, I sat in my chair to remember my story, a story…

I was a strong boy and popular with the girls.

A day, when I was studying at the high school, I met a girl who was better than the other girls, a girl who was a goddess of beauty and wisdom, she was not a girl, she was The Girl.

I was attracted to her, and she was also attracted to me… I gathered courage and told her if she wanted to date me, she smiled shyly and nodded.

I was happy, very, very, very happy, I was the happiest man in the world, certainly the most fortunate.

I wore my best coat, I wore my best jeans and I went to her house, which was in grandparents village.

We went out, we laughed and at the end of the night, we realized we were destined to die together, or so we thought…

I felt very strange, I knew she had a secret that she wanted to tell, but it was not important.

Two years after we started dating, I asked her to marry me, she accepted and made me feel the luckiest man one more time.

I was completely happy, I felt great, it was on June 23rd and I went to get my girl to go and visit some friends, but at the entrance, there was a hearse carrying a covered body, I sped up, I parked my car and asked what was happening, my girl’s mother came to the door crying and she said her daughter, my future wife, had died.

I was speechless, my eyes shed tears.

His parents told me that she suffered from a serious disease that was killing her, but since he was with me, she seemed to be cured, she had written a letter to explain the truth of her illness… The letter ended by saying:

“…Some day you will see my eyes filled with joy to see you, because there is no person that separates us, and there is no grave to keep my soul buried.”

At that moment I felt helpless…

Now 73 years have passed, I am 91 years old.

Now I am dead, and when I opened my eyes, I saw her face… beautiful and clean, waiting for me. Now we are dead but we are very happy.

Perhaps this story has never happened or I may never have existed, I do not even know how I can have written this, but I hope you have enjoyed reading it, as I have enjoyed opening my eyes and watching the face of my beloved…


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