Posted by: amairgin | 07/05/2011

What will happen to JDDJ?

Possible ways to continue the story. These are our suggestions:

Diego & Adriidj: Alfred and Juan Magán go to visit Gachet. They talk to him and then they go to the disco.

Antonio: Gachet visits Alfred, he has ten suspects

Yina & Suadu: When Alfred went to Juan Magán’s house he heard Juan Magán and Holly speaking to the person who had called him. He returned home very nervous and he received a call from the hospital. Juan Magán anda Holly were dead: inspector Gachet had killed them.

David & Yago: Inspector Gachet uses his tools and brain capacity to search and catch the murderer. The murderer was a Triada’s mercenary and Gachet searches for them in Scotland.

Andrea & Borja: When Juan Magán went home he called inspector Gachet to tell him about menacing letters.

Clara & Alba Fdez.: JDDJ went to Miami with his girlfriend to lose sight of Juan Magán, but a month later Juan Magán was seen in Miami.

Alba Rguez. & Isabel: After talking to inspector Gachet they decide to go to Ibiza and wait for some months until the danger is over.

Rodrigo V. & Iván: Juan Magán went home and went to sleep, but he awoke at 3:00 am having a nightmare. He went to Alfred’s room in hospital and he found him dead. Someone had put off the machines.

Pedro & Jaime: Alfred healed and went home. He met Juan Magán in secret. One day, when he was going out of his house, two men put something on his nose, he slept and he waked up on a ship.


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