Posted by: beaad | 06/05/2011

My Own Story

2nd prize, 2nd cycle, III English Literary Contest

My story begins two months ago. It was June and we were doing our final exams at the Secondary School. It was my last year and I was working a lot that year. I only went out of my room to eat and slept just the minimum. Some days I went to the library with my friends Anny and Sarah. They were in the same situation as me. They had been my friends since childhood.

Al last, we all got great marks and especially I was so pleased with mine. We’ve got the whole summer in front of us… It was fantastic!

The first day we went to the beach we met two new boys: Tom and Mark. They were very nice and we soon made friends.

The days after that were very sunny and hot so we went to the beach each day. Tom and Mark showed us how to use a kayak and we often played football in the sand. Mark was very cheerful and open, and I loved speaking with him about all kinds of things. Tom was very shy but when you knew him he was very funny.

Well, I have to say it: I liked Mark a lot! He was so cute and very helpful with me. One day, Anny confessed to me that she liked Tom too because he knew how to listen to her. We told it to Sarah and she seemed very surprised.

Little by little we fell in love with them, but we didn’t know if they had fallen in love with us. They were very kind to us but we had doubts. While we were thinking about that, we realized that Sarah was trying to flirt with Mark! I felt really disappointed!

She had been my friend all her life. I didn’t expect that from her. She was being a very bad friend. I told Amy and she said I was right: she was a bad person. I didn’t like her behaviour at all.

I was so sad… and Mark realized. One day he came closer to me and asked me what was happening. I started to cry and I told him all I felt and about Sarah’s treachery. Mark understood me and tried to encourage me. Suddenly he came closer and closer and… he kissed me! I was so surprised! I had lost all hope.

I’m so lucky: we have been going out since that moment. We’re so happy together. Sarah isn’t our friend anymore and Amy didn’t have the same luck as me: Tom went to Canada with a grant and she won’t see him until next year. But she’s ok, she will get over it because I will be with her and I will help her!


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