Posted by: BelenEncabo | 05/05/2011

A Strange Story 14

It’s strange. Mr. Robin offered me to live with him and my mum. I preferred it because I didn’t get on very well with my grandparents and I missed mum but I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know why. I accepted, and when my dad got his plane to Spain I moved to Mr. Robin’s house. The first week was very difficult, I had to go to school in Mr. Robin’s car everyday and my friends asked me why and I couldn’t tell them the truth, I did not want to.

One night, I was in my bedroom, on the computer, looking at my tuenti, when I heard a noise in the garden. When I looked across the window I could see Mr. Robin with a strange man in black clothes, suddenly I saw the man giving Mr. Robin a black bag and Mr. Robin gave him a lot of money, I could see almost three wads of cash. I was very intrigued and I only knew that I needed to look for that black bag. Next day, I pretended to be ill and I could stay alone at home. I looked for the bag and I found it under Mr. Robin’s bed. There were drugs in it! Mr. Robin was a drug dealer, I was sure. I had to watch him better.

Last week I saw a very strange thing, my mum had a bruise in her face. She tried to cover it with make up but I could see it. I questioned my mother about it and finally she admitted that Mr. Robin had made it. I told my father but he couldn’t do anything because he hadn’t got any money to return here. I should sort out the situation…

[by siweeey & noweeey]

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