Posted by: delfer8 | 04/05/2011

A hero in the world

This is a short story, a story of a very young man living in a big city. He is called Condor because he is astute and vigilant like a condor, but his real name is Novan. He is a warrior, he is a good person, he is a justice defender and… he wants to be a hero. He dominates all kinds of sword fight and he trains every day. He lives alone in a little house of Calimport the capital of Calimsham kingdom, a city controlled by bandits, murderers, and guild chiefs with a lot of thiefs and criminals at his disposal. One day a lot of houses of the Novan street were burned and a lot of murderers were fighting and killed city guards with their swords. Novan went to help the guards but the captain of this squad say:  scape of this disaster!! the city is forced!! run out of city save your life!!! Novan run to his house to pick his important things and go out of Calimport. When he had left the city and eaten some food he went to a town near the city and went into an inn. He slept and travelled to Profound Waters forest because the innkeeper told him about a sword master who lived there. Novan arrived to a little house in a clearing of the forest, a man with a beard trained with a sword, he hit a big straw doll. Novan told him his story and asked him about training and swords. The master helped and trained him to fight. Two weeks later Novan was ready to fight with master murderers and warriors of all kinds and he went to the city to help the kingdom in the threat. At the doors of Calimport he fought with criminals and killed a lot of them, he helped a lot of guards and he gathered a lot of warriors ready to fight, they saved the city!!!! but… in the end… the master told him: I’m very old and I’ve fought in a lot of battles, a lot of people called me “hero”, but I think we aren’t heroes because of our actions, we are heroes because of the way we live. We are heroes because of this!!!


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