Posted by: amairgin | 27/04/2011

How can our Strange Story go on?

Possible ways to continue the story. These are our suggestions:

Braian: “I don’t want to go to live with my parents, so I will persuade a friend to go and live with her. In the end my father went to Spain and he is happy there. My mum is living with Mr. Robin.”

Belén & Beatriz: “Rachel’s father goes to Spain. She goes to live with her mother and Mr. Robin and finds out many dirty things about Mr. Robin (Ms. Loud’s lover, alcoholic, mother-batterer…)”

Nuria: “At this moment, I was very confused. I wanted to think about my ideas: I didn’t like going with my family, I was frightened because I wanted to go with my grandparents.”

José Antonio & Maryi: “Rachel went to her grandparents’. Eventually, Rachel forgot all her problems.”

Lucía & Lúa: “You should meet Patrick and Sarah, specially Sarah, she’s your sister”

Claudia & María: “Rachel went to a little village to live with her grandparents. There she found some old pieces of paper which prove that her mother had tried to have children with Mr. Robin, but had split up because no children came. After meeting again at Rachel’s school, they tried again and Sarah was born.”

Amieiro & Sehbaoui: “Some weeks later, I went to Spain with my grandparents. I stayed with my grandparents in their house in Barcelona.”

Andrés & Mateo: “Rachel is forced to go to live with her grandparents, though she hates them. Her mother dies.”

Manuel & Jorge: “I have a better idea, he could work here with us, at the school. He could teach something.”


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