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A Strange Story 13

– It’s a very difficult situation, but we must solve it.

I’m your teacher in the secondary school and in my house I can help you with your homework. I hope I can be your friend.

Your mother is a good woman and your  father is also a good man, but there wasn’t love between them.

You can come round to see to you mother every day. I have a son, he’s nineteen years old. My wife died in a plane accident when Patrick, my son, was five years old. He studies medicine at university.

– And what about my father? – Rachel asked.

– He needs you now – said Mr. Robin.

– My father hasn’t got work and wants to travel to Spain. A friend that is the owner of a company lives there and he offered him a technician’s job.

– And what will you do?- asked Mr. Robin.

– My grandparents want me to live with them.

– Ok, but…

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