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My mother went to the coffee shop to meet the family. At the same time Doctor Gilliam come in the room.

Doctor: Hello

Juan Magan: Hello

Doctor: How are you?

Juan Magan: Very well.

Doctor: I am not asking you.

Juan magan: Oh I am sorry, He he he.

I: I can’t feel my legs.

Juan Magan: Is it normal?

Doctor: Yes, it is nornmal, because we give you medicine to relief your pain.

I: I am afraid I can’t walk any more.

Juan Magan: Don´t be afraid, trust the doctor.

I: Doctor, I believe in you.

Doctor: Thank you!!

Nurse: Doctor,doctor!! weve got an emergency (the doctor run out of the room)

Juan Magan said to me that he was going to my mother to tell her what the doctor had said to me. I went to the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was scared of my face. My face was whiter my eyes were red.

I went to my bed. I closed my eyes. The only thing I wanted to do was sleep. Just then my telephone started to shake some one was calling me. I picked it up…

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