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Colombia is one of most  beautiful countries in world. It is also a big coffee producer and there is a very big diversity of fauna and flora as well. But the most important quality is the people’s happiness.

Colombia has a hot climate with a lot of rain during  the year. It has three important coasts: the Caribbean Coast, the Atlantic Coast and the Pacific Coast. It has a very big part of the Amazon jungle and of course the Amazon River flows through Colombia.

Colombia is bordered to the East by Venezuela and Brazil to the South by Ecuador and Peru to the North by the Caribbean Sea; to the Northwest by Panama; and to the West by the Pacific Ocean.

[by marceliitah & alexcassanchez]


  1. I hate the image, I prefer another photo, because… supposedly
    ”Colombia is one of most beautiful countries in the world” I prefer a beautiful photo of any place in Colombia… for example:

    The park of cafe (Quindio)
    Cartagena Fort (Cartagena)
    The Waterfront Cartagena
    Bogota Savannah
    Wax Palm (Quindio)

    ohhhh!!! It’s surprising, there are few tourist places and few beatiful places, I doubt that Colombia is beautiful… 😉

  2. I’ve changed the picture. Hope you like it 😀

  3. hahahaha…ohhhhhh yes this picture is fantastic


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