Posted by: mateooo | 05/04/2011

Professional wrestling

In my opinion, this isn’t a sport: this is pure theatre and you can often notice that they don’t even touch, as you can see in this picture. And there are many pictures of this style.

Sometimes they can hit but this situation is rare. Sometimes they fight but this rarely happens.

I used to like it, but I began to dislike to see so much theatre and I cannot understand why some people like it. Well if you have people who think it’s the best, just have a look at this picture and realize that it is like muggin and old lady lol



  1. I also think that wrestling isn’t a sport, and maybe it isn’t theatre, because they’re the worst actors in the world… but wrestling rules!! xD

  2. In my opinion, it is a lie, professional wrestling is a good sport and this sport is real.

    • you are very crazy XD, aren’t you?
      they don’t know neither pretending
      this is as a joke, but graceless lol

  3. I know that it isn´t real, but for me it´s interesting and funny xD

    • But if it disgusts, conceal or do not know who or which receives hits

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