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I have got a lot of school mates, but not many real friends. At school you can’t trust students, because they always thinks in themselves. When we have an exam they say: Good luck! but they don’t want you to pass this exam. When I have problems my mates are not with me. I am honest and I say things directly.

My parents are always right when they advise me about friends. I think my parents are quite right because my friends deceive me.

Finally, to sum up: I advice you to choose your friends well.

Don’t choose people by their outer aspect, choose them by their inner aspect.



  1. It’s interesting… because many people think that school mates are friends, but really it isn’t true… I agree with you: our parents are always right on the friend classes that we have. And true friends are people that are always with us at all times… 😉

  2. I think you two are right, because there are a different types of friends and it is very important to know how to choose. In my opinion nobody has more than one friend and I prefer boy friends, because girls are very false. It is the truth 🙂

  3. I am happy that you agree me. But it is true that we sometimes find true friends in class. However , it is difficult that we keep in touch, because we can be in different high school. When we are old, I have not got class friends in class. What about you?
    For Maryi

  4. You are right, there are different types of friends. I think that a true friend should respect you and viceversa .For me it is easier too that I am the friend of boys. But there are good girls too. I think the importance is they are good peoples and not if they are boys or girls.
    For Suadu

  5. ”I think that the ” friends of school ” say that are friends” but in my opinion the most aren’t , I have many friends and I think that the friends that I have always going to be with me , but I wasn’t referring friends of school , I refer to other friends as the family, friends that always have been at all time…
    Is strange see persons that are humiliated and even so follow overcoming evil with good, but is good , because this is an quality very nice !!
    For know who are our true friends we must put them to prove and depends how to act, we’ll know if they are our friends.


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