Posted by: suadu | 23/03/2011


Beethoven is my idol and we have a lot of things in common.

My hobbies are drawing and listening to music, I have also got a big collection of CDs and in my bedroom, I have got an art factory…

At school I don’t get very good marks in art and music because, I think, teachers have got a different mindset, so there is a lot of theory and nearly no practice.

I don’t understand, why in the high school, teachers are not interested in art. For example: photography is a good subject, there are a lot of students that take excellent photographs, but we don’t have this subject.

I recommend listening to symphony number one. It’s fantastic.

Finally I want to be a professional musician as Beethoven.


  1. I agree with you, I love drawing and I don’t get very very good marks in Art.
    I also think that my teacher has got a different mindset, but I respect him, some people like impressionist painters, others like realist painters, others like abstract painters… That’s Art!


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