Posted by: albafb96 | 21/03/2011

Catastrophe in Japan

Some days ago Japan had a earthquake of nine degrees and a tsunami with a total of 3.373  dead and 6.746 missing. The tsunami is causing danger in the planet, because a nuclear power station at Fukushima is losing nuclear energy. A lot of Spanish people live in Japan, and they had return to Spain. At the airports, controllers have to measure the nuclear energy in all the people. The search for the missing is worse because it’s starting to snow in the North of Japan. Many people are looking for their families and their homes in the rubbles, but there is a lot of rubbish and they can’t find anything. Some Japanese have nothing to eat because the tsunami took everything. Many people from other countries is helping Japan, but the help is not enough. In recent days the nuclear power station situation is deteriorating.


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