Posted by: BelenEncabo | 11/03/2011

A Strange Story 11

My mum told me that Mr Robin had been her first boyfriend at the High School. There was a strong love between them and they had never forgot it.

But my mum went to the university and there she met dad, and they fell in love and married. But when I started to go to the High School my mum met Mr Robin again and they had an affair. How could my mum cheat on my dad with my English teacher? That was incredible! I couldn’t believe it!

I had to tell my father and it was hard… I think that this must be terrible to him…

And everybody thinks that Mr. Robin is Mr. Loud’s lover, but he isn’t!  He is my mum’s lover. And I’m his stepdaughter, my classmathers are going to laugh at me.

I hate it!

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