Posted by: Maryi | 08/03/2011

A Strange Story 10

-Daugther,  it’s something very complicated, I would like to explain it in another moment. I can just tell you that she is your sister. Daugther, go away soon… you already know what Mr. Robin’s character is like, he is a little grumpy.

– Ok  mum , but I hope you can explain it all to me tomorrow.

I went home very confused, now I didn’t know how to call Mr. Robin my teacher or my stepfather. Only one thing made me happy, that I should pass the subject… because the teacher is my mum’s new husband.

I asked – why had my mum cheated on my father with the English teacher? was it because  in this way I would pass the subject? When I came home I was thinking about everything that had happened. My dog came to me and I slept side by side with him. My dog’s company helped me not feel alone and I understood that dogs are the most faithful animals. Next day, my mum came home to speak to me and explain everything. She started saying that she had known Mr. Robin before my father, then she told me …

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