Posted by: BelenEncabo | 28/02/2011


Hi, we are Nuria and Belén!

We are going to write about kids, because Nuria loves kids. No, no, not those kids! A kid is a young goat. It eats grass and drinks water or milk. It is quiet but sometimes it seems they’re crazy! It is small and beautiful. ♥

Nuria: “Now I have got a kid called Arenita, it’s wonderful, it has blond hair and it has been in my village for about three months.”

Belén: “I love kids meat! munch, munch!” HAHAHAHAHAHA

Nuria refuses to eat kids meat! There is a teacher in this high school that is known by this name, because he looks like it enough. We love it! 😉 … maybe that’s the reason why Nuria won’t eat kid meat 🙂

Good bye & one kiss

[by nurii96 and siweeey]


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