Posted by: airam14 | 24/02/2011

A Strange Story 5

I looked at her face. She looked strange; she was not happy, but she was not angry either. I said in a low voice:


She smiled. I didn’t know what to think.

-I was thinking that my marks at English are really bad, I know, but I think that you are too angry.

She smiled again, but she didn’t say anything. I was begining to be under a lot of stress.


She didn’t answered me, so I went to my bedroom. I was angry. Why wasn’t she talking to me? It only was a bad mark… I took my diary and I started to write again. I couldn’t write a lot, ’cause my mum came to my bedroom.

-Rachel, come with me please- she said.

I looked at her sad and she looked at me. I followed her with some curiosity. We went to the car and she started it. I was so confused…

-I have to talk to you- she said.

-I know that my marks are bad, but…

-It’s not about your marks.

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