Posted by: mn96 | 17/02/2011

A Strange Story 4

I went towards the noise and when I turned on the right I saw in the distance a man who was using a jackhammer. I though that the noise was made by another thing… an animal like dog, like mine. I continued my way to school… but I thought “wait a moment… do I have class today? Today is Saturday, today I haven’t got class…!”. I felt really stupid for that. I was very stressed, so I had forgotten that it was Saturday. I returned home.

“Why didn’t my mum let me know that I didn’t have class? She was really really angry.”

When I arrived, I said “hello” in a loud voice, but I didn’t listen to any answer. My dog came to me, but I ignored him.

I went to my bedroom and I started to listen to some songs of Rammstein. I thought about the situation with my mum, and I stopped the music and I went to speak to her. She was in the living room.

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