Posted by: mateooo | 01/02/2011

A Strange Story 3

When I woke up I didn’t see my breakfast on my table, which I found strange because my mother serves my breakfast every day. I thought that my mother was angry because of my bad marks and had not prepared my breakfast.
When I went to the kitchen I saw my mother and she didn’t look happy. I asked her if anything had happened but she didn’t reply.
I made my breakfast and I went to school.
When I returned  home I didn’t see anyone, didn’t understand anything, why my mother wasn’t talking to me,and why she wasn’t at home as every day at this time. I started to be afraid and didn’t know what to do.
I started listening to the same noise as the day before and now it was not the dog because it was not at home, I went towards the noise and…

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  1. Nacho said that it’s Friday and the next day (Saturday) Mateo said that Rachel went to school.
    I haven’t got school on Saturdays, but… IMPOSIBLE IS NOTHING 😉

    • It is possible,
      but unlikely lol

  2. Are there classes on Saturdays?

    • look at the title:
      a STRANGE story.

  3. hahaha… 😀 ok!
    you’re right in what you say!!! 🙂


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