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A Strange Story

“I don’t know how to start this story, so I’m going to tell you about my life. My name is Rachel. I’m fourteen years old and two months ago something incredible occurred to me…”

When I was writing this, my mum arrived. My mum was angry and shouted at me. I had got a bad mark in an English exam at school and my mum had gone to talk to my teacher Mr. Robin. Now I’m grounded. I can’t use the computer. I can’t meet my friends. I hate this teacher, but this is something personal. He’s not very nice with students, but he’s very nice with our Phisics & Chemistry teacher, Ms. Loud, I don’t know why… The students think they are lovers.

[this part was written by the whole class]

So, today is Friday and I can’t meet my friends. And I am bored at home, I never stay at home on Friday afternoons. I don’t know what to do!! Could I watch TV? Could I read a book?

When I was thinking what to do, I listened to a noise at my door. I thought it was my mum so I went to my door I opened it and saw my dog in the corridor with his ball. I went to my bed and I took my pillow and I slept on the carpet on the floor. And next morning… [by Amieiro]

When I woke up I didn’t see my breakfast on my table, which I found strange because my mother serves my breakfast every day. I thought that my mother was angry because of my bad marks and had not prepared my breakfast.
When I went to the kitchen I saw my mother and she didn’t look happy. I asked her if anything had happened but she didn’t reply.
I made my breakfast and I went to school.
When I returned  home I didn’t see anyone, didn’t understand anything, why my mother wasn’t talking to me,and why she wasn’t at home as every day at this time. I started to be afraid and didn’t know what to do.
I started listening to the same noise as the day before and now it was not the dog because it was not at home, I went towards the noise and… [by mateooo]

I went towards the noise and when I turned on the right I saw in the distance a man who was using a jackhammer. I though that the noise was made by another thing… an animal like dog, like mine. I continued my way to school… but I thought “wait a moment… do I have class today? Today is Saturday, today I haven’t got class…!”. I felt really stupid for that. I was very stressed, so I had forgotten that it was Saturday. I returned home.

“Why didn’t my mum let me know that I didn’t have class? She was really really angry.”

When I arrived, I said “hello” in a loud voice, but I didn’t listen to any answer. My dog came to me, but I ignored him.

I went to my bedroom and I started to listen to some songs of Rammstein. I thought about the situation with my mum, and I stopped the music and I went to speak to her. She was in the living room. [by mn96]

I looked at her face. She looked strange; she was not happy, but she was not angry either. I said in a low voice:


She smiled. I didn’t know what to think.

-I was thinking that my marks at English are really bad, I know, but I think that you are too angry.

She smiled again, but she didn’t say anything. I was begining to be under a lot of stress.


She didn’t answered me, so I went to my bedroom. I was angry. Why wasn’t she talking to me? It only was a bad mark… I took my diary and I started to write again. I couldn’t write a lot, ’cause my mum came to my bedroom.

-Rachel, come with me please- she said.

I looked at her sad and she looked at me. I followed her with some curiosity. We went to the car and she started it. I was so confused…

-I have to talk to you- she said.

-I know that my marks are bad, but…

-It’s not about your marks.[by airam14]

We talked for a long time, because she was angry with me… she said she did not know how to start, that what happened was not my fault it was very difficult and she loved me very much… I was about to cry, I was worried, I did not understand anything, she said that I would not see her for a long time. My father and she were very angry, they did not love each other any more… I knew nothing!! She said she was leaving that afternoon… I was sad.  I said ‘goodbye mum, I love you…’ When would I see her again? If my studies went bad, now they would go worse… And I had maths class the next day! [by noweeey]

I went to talk to my father.

-Dad! I talked to mum and she said that she was leaving in the afternoon.

-Yes… You are right. We’ve fallen out and she has decided to leave the neighbourhood.

-Where she’s going to go?

-I think that she’s going to go to Notting Hill.

-Really? I think that my teacher Mr. Robin lives in that neighbourhood.

-What does it matter? We must go and talk to your mother.

-Wait a moment! She went to talk to Mr. Robin and then you fell out. I think that something strange happened when mum went to talk to Mr. Robin.

-Don’t be silly! She doesn’t love me now, I was really unpleasant this month with your mother and…

My father is very, very sad now, he’s crying. I must do something, I think that it isn’t a stupid thing what I said before, I think that it’s related to the problem… [by cvisualgg]

Next day I went to school, everything was the same as always until our maths class arrived. Mr Robin didn’t come: it was really strange because Mr. Robin never missed a single class, so I decided to visit him that afternoon. At five o’clock I got my bicycle and I rode to Mr Robin’s house. It was huge and white with a perfect green garden; I rang the doorbell but nobody opened the door, I went to the backyard to see what was going on… [by jorgeman18]

At this moment a black cat attacked me… I was afraid, but I went ahead and saw my mother looking for something in the blackyard. M…Mum!! Why you are there!?

– I’m looking for something. Can’t you see??

– Yes, but …

At this moment the teacher returned home and another person with him.

– Is it a little girl?

– …yes, her name is Sarah.

– What’s happened mum? [by peace]

-Daugther,  it’s something very complicated, I would like to explain it in another moment. I can just tell you that she is your sister. Daugther, go away soon… you already know what Mr. Robin’s character is like, he is a little grumpy.

– Ok  mum , but I hope you can explain it all to me tomorrow.

I went home very confused, now I didn’t know how to call Mr. Robin my teacher or my stepfather. Only one thing made me happy, that I should pass the subject… because the teacher is my mum’s new husband.

I asked – why had my mum cheated on my father with the English teacher? was it because  in this way I would pass the subject? When I came home I was thinking about everything that had happened. My dog came to me and I slept side by side with him. My dog’s company helped me not feel alone and I understood that dogs are the most faithful animals. Next day, my mum came home to speak to me and explain everything. She started saying that she had known Mr. Robin before my father, then she told me …  [by Maryi]

My mum told me that Mr Robin had been her first boyfriend at the High School. There was a strong love between them and they had never forgot it.

But my mum went to the university and there she met dad, and they fell in love and married. But when I started to go to the High School my mum met Mr Robin again and they had an affair. How could my mum cheat on my dad with my English teacher? That was incredible! I couldn’t believe it!

I had to tell my father and it was hard… I think that this must be terrible to him…

And everybody thinks that Mr. Robin is Mr. Loud’s lover, but he isn’t!  He is my mum’s lover. And I’m his stepdaughter, my classmates are going to laugh at me.

I hate it! [by Siweeey]

I tried to persuade myself that the situation wasn’t so serious , but it was imposible, because I felt too badly.

Next day, I arrived at school and I saw that Mr. Robin was talking to Ms. Loud with the same kind tone as always. I had trouble with my nerves because of that, but I didn’t want to speak to Mr. Robin.

He finished talking to Ms. Loud, and he came to me. I couldn’t run away.

– I have to talk with you – He said  [by mn96]

– It’s a very difficult situation, but we must solve it.

I’m your teacher in the secondary school and in my house I can help you with your homework. I hope I can be your friend.

Your mother is a good woman and your  father is also a good man, but there wasn’t love between them.

You can come round to see you mother every day. I have a son, he’s nineteen years old. My wife died in a plane accident when Patrick, my son, was five years old. He studies medicine at university.

– And what about my father? – Rachel asked.

– He needs you now – said Mr. Robin.

– My father hasn’t got work and wants to travel to Spain. A friend that is the owner of a company lives there and he offered him a technician’s job.

– And what will you do?- asked Mr. Robin.

– My grandparents want me to live with them.

– Ok, but… [by aaalvaaarooo]

It’s strange. Mr. Robin offered me to live with him and my mum. I preferred it because I didn’t get on very well with my grandparents and I missed mum but I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know why. I accepted, and when my dad got his plane to Spain I moved to Mr. Robin’s house. The first week was very difficult, I had to go to school in Mr. Robin’s car everyday and my friends asked me why and I couldn’t tell them the truth, I did not want to.

One night, I was in my bedroom, on the computer, looking at my tuenti, when I heard a noise in the garden. When I looked across the window I could see Mr. Robin with a strange man in black clothes, suddenly I saw the man giving Mr. Robin a black bag and Mr. Robin gave him a lot of money, I could see almost three wads of cash. I was very intrigued and I only knew that I needed to look for that black bag. Next day, I pretended to be ill and I could stay alone at home. I looked for the bag and I found it under Mr. Robin’s bed. There were drugs in it! Mr. Robin was a drug dealer, I was sure. I had to watch him better.

Last week I saw a very strange thing, my mum had a bruise in her face. She tried to cover it with make up but I could see it. I questioned my mother about it and finally she admitted that Mr. Robin had made it. I told my father but he couldn’t do anything because he hadn’t got any money to return here. I should sort out the situation… [by siweeey & noweeey]

I couldn’t believe it!! Mr. Robin was a drug dealer and a batterer and, the worst thing he had done, he had hit my mum. Because of that I REALLY hated him. I thought I had to call the police, but my mum begged me and I didn’t do it. She told me that Mr. Robin threatened and forced her to break up with my dad and come back to him. When I heard this, I was so happy: my mum and my dad were in love!! The only problem was that Mr. Robin was a really bad person, and he had me and my mum threatened. We needed help and the only person that could help us was my dad, and he was in Spain.

When my mum was telling me everything, I looked at the door and I saw Mr. Robin. He was spying on us!! Suddenly, he ran into the room and he pounced on my mum. I started to hit him with all my strength and, finally, he let go of my mum. I pushed him out of the room, I closed the door and I put the bolt across. I looked to my mum. She was OK, but we were very frightened. We thought he was drugged… [by airam14]

That’s how it was, he was drugged, but we caught money of the room to travel by airplane and we went out through the window and on to the street to go to the airport. But things weren’t so easy because when we arrived to the airport Mr.Robin was there. We bought two tickets to go to Spain, my mum and I didn’t say anything and we ran to the airplane.

When the airplane started to fly, Mr.Robin was looking at us from the airport. When we were going to Spain… [by Amieiro]

We were going to Alcobendas, a small city near Barajas Airport, where my father lived. We said to the taxi driver that a man was chasing us, so he went speeding on the freeway. When we arrived in Alcobendas we thought that Mr. Robin couldn’t keep up with us, so we went to the address that my father had sent to my mother.

When we arrived there we paid the taxi driver and we rang the doorbell impatiently… There was no answer… We knocked at the door strongly… There was no answer… We were very surprised. My mother phoned my father… There was no answer… Something strange was happening. My father knew that my mother and I were going to go to Alcobendas that day, and he wasn’t at home.

Suddenly somebody opened the door and disappeared. We came into the house. There was nobody there. We heard a strange noise and we tried to escape, but the door was closed and we couldn’t open it.

Then a man started to talk in our language, we looked at him and… [by cvisualgg]

… it was my father. Mr.Robin had escaped before my father caught him. My father told us that Mr. Robin had attempted to impersonate him to catch us and so we would not tell the police what had happened. Although I was scared, I began to think, and what would happen if he returned to lock us again? or perhaps try to kill us, when I looked at my parents I figured they were thinking the same as me, “What’s happened?” I asked. “Well, we know… What do we know?”, said my father, “Nothing” said my mum. [by peace]  



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