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My name is Alfred and my dream is to become a DJ. My artistic name is JDDJ. I’m seventeen years old. I live with my family and my girlfriend. Her name is Holly. She works at a restaurant. I live in the outskirts of London. I don’t like living in London. I would like to live in Miami. I’ve got a dog. His name is Rex. My dream is to work in Pachá, Ibiza. I’ve got a lot of money problems. My favourite artist is Juan Magán. I’ve got a lot of CDs of many different kinds of music. I’ve got a lot of fans on Youtube and Facebook. I’ll have a job as a waiter at a local disco. I hope to work as a DJ in the future. The disco is the best known in the place.

One day I went across the street and a man came next to me and started talking  to me.

[this part was written by the whole class, except a lazy student who will not be given the honor of mentioning his name ;)]

The man’s name was Paul and he was the manager of a music company named DJ forever. He talked to me about my future in his music company and offered me a lot of money if I wanted to work with him. I was very surprised because I didn’t know any manager and very happy because I would be able to pay my bills with the money. But I had a problem, I didn’t know this man and I couldn’t trust him. I decided to pick the card he gave me and go home to find information about Paul on the internet… [by delfer8]

I discovered something incredible. The manager was one of the best managers in the world. I was surprised. One of the best managers in the world had talked to me. Suddenly the telephone rang, it was Holly. She said that she had been dismissed from work because she didn’t work properly. I was amazed, I didn’t know what to say and she said that she was coming home. When she arrived I told her everything about Paul. She was happy. Suddenly, she kissed me and hugged me. I remenbered that I had to meet Paul. I left running to go and meet him. [by albiitah96]

When I arrived to the place where I had to meet the manager I was very nervous. I asked him why he had noticed me. He answered:

– Because you loved how you played.

I was surprised with his response. I told him that I felt very grateful to him. Both of us smiled. We went to his home and he showed me CDs of several DJs. I felt as in a dream. I couln’t believe anything I was living. He told me:

– Calm down, I’ll help you always you need. [by anndrea10]

I was excited and I wanted to do everything that I had not done till now. But Paul told me that we had to go little by little that we could not do everything in one day. Paul also told me that the first thing that we were going to do was talking to Juan Magán so that he could give me some advice because Paul had been with him many times and they were good friends. I was very surprised, I could hardly move after he had said that I would be with my idol talking face to face. I had some gig of him in several famous clubs but I had never had the opportunity to be next to him. Paul got up from the sofa, he stopped the music and he said “I’ll make a call”. [by adriidj12]

He walked away from me. He moved around. I was very nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen. He continued speaking on the telephone and I didn’t know with whom. Several minutes passed and he didn’t put down his telephone. Suddenly, he looked at me and he smiled at me. I didn’t know what this meant. I was still nervous and I didn’t know what to do while he was speaking on the telephone.

He smiled at me. I returned the smile. He put his mobile in his jeans pocket. He came up to me and said:

-Alfred, you are lucky. I’ve called Juan Magán’s manager and he told me that in two weeks you can meet your idol.

I couldn’t believe it. One of my dreams had come real. [by anndrea10]

I’m in the best moment in my life, because my dream is real. I’ll see and speak with my idol (Juan Magan). It’s really fantastic! Now I’m continuing my way to better situations, with the people who I love, specially my girlfriend, that always supports me.

I think in the reputation and I doubt if it is my dream or my obsession, but the only thing that I know is that I’m being really lucky.

– Buff I’m tired, because  I’ve had a very exciting day and I’ll have a shower and go to bed. [by suadu]

After two weeks, I met Juan Magán and he told me: ¨You will become famous because you will go to the concert with me and we could record a CD together but before that you must work hard because fame costs and now you must start paying, with your sweat¨.

I was excited,  I couldn’t believe it. Was I in a dream?

Juan Magán knew what I thought and he smiled and told me: ¨No. This isn’t a dream, this is real. I needed some help too when I started and I’m happy because I can help you now. [by yagoy]

I must practice a lot because now it was very important f0r me. I couldn’t believe that, I wanted to fulfill my dream, and it wasn’t a dream anymore. The first thing I did was meeting my friends to say what Juan Magán had said to me. They were very surprised and they couldn´t believe me because they were fans of him. They were a bit nervous because they thought they wanted to meet him but they couldn’t. It was incredible, I started at a school festival and now I wanted to do a session with Juan Magán, my hero! Did I want to be famous? If I worked with Juan Magan, I would probably be! I think… [by aalvaroo]

After the festival, my idol and me went to “Hermo” disco but when we were going along the street a man came running and took a gun out of his jacket and aimed at Juan Magán. The man shoot and I jumped to save Juan, the bullet caught me. I don’t remember anything after the shooting and I woke up in hospital and my family and friends were there. Juan Magán was there too and talked to me but I couldn’t understand him. I fainted. [by delfer8]

After two hours, I woke up and called a nurse to ask her what had happened. She said to me that they had shot at me and then I had fainted away. I couldn’t remember anything, but after having some food I started remembering everything.

In the evening, Juan Magán came to be with me and brought me a present: a new MP4. I liked his present very much because the MP4 that I had was very old and worn out.

My mother came in the morning to see how I was and to bring me clean clothes. [by cl96]

My mother went to the coffee shop to meet the family. At the same time Doctor Gilliam come in the room.

Doctor: Hello

Juan Magan: Hello

Doctor: How are you?

Juan Magan: Very well.

Doctor: I am not asking you.

Juan magan: Oh I am sorry, He he he.

I: I can’t feel my legs.

Juan Magan: Is it normal?

Doctor: Yes, it is nornmal, because we give you medicine to relief your pain.

I: I am afraid I can’t walk any more.

Juan Magan: Don´t be afraid, trust the doctor.

I: Doctor, I believe in you.

Doctor: Thank you!!

Nurse: Doctor,doctor!! weve got an emergency (the doctor run out of the room)

Juan Magan said to me that he was going to my mother to tell her what the doctor had said to me. I went to the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was scared of my face. My face was whiter my eyes were red.

I went to my bed. I closed my eyes. The only thing I wanted to do was sleep. Just then my telephone started to shake some one was calling me. I picked it up…   [by abliitha42]

When I picked up the telephone, a strange voice talked to me slowly: “you must stay away from Juan Magan, if we see you with him, we’ll kill you”. Then I was scared and I couldn’t stay away from Juan Magan because my dream was to become famous and I needed to learn from Juan Magan because he was the best D.J., but I had to do it because my life was in danger, so I talked to him and he said:

“Don’t worry, you must talk to the police about this and they can solve this problem, I know inspector Gachet, he is the most intelligent police inspector in London. He can find out everything about the criminals and know why they don’t want you to stay with me”. [by yagoy]

When Juan Magán went home he called inspector Gachet to tell him about the menacing letters. Juan Magán told Alfred not to worry, he said that their friendship was stronger than the threatenings and Alfred must trust him. Some other day Alfred went to his doorway and he looked at his letter box. He found another letter:

– This is your last opportunity. If you don’t stop talking to Juan Magán, we’ll kill you. This time we’ll keep what we told you.

Alfred, very frightened, went upstairs and locked there. Juan Magán called him a lot of times but Alfred didn’t give any signs of life. [by anndrea10]

Juan Magan came to my home and he cried: “Alfred, are you there?”.

I was very frightened because the letter said I couldn’t say anything. Juan Magan thought I wasn’t there so he left my house and phoned inspector Gachet to tell him that I had disappeared and Gachet said: “I’ll find Alfred and I’ll ask him what has happened”.

Someone came into my home and opened the door withouth the key and I ran under the bed because I believed it was the murderer. I could see his feet and I thought : “Now or never” and I pulled his legs tightly. He fell to the ground and hit his head, then I could see his face: “Oh, my God! He was the inspector !” [by yagoy]

I phoned the hospital for an ambulance, I was very worried. Suddenly I saw that inspector Gachet wasn’t breathing. I didn’t know what I must do. I had an idea, I performed mouth to mouth resuscitation. It was disgusting but it was the only solution. At that time Holly walked through the door and she saw me with the inspector. She dropped the bag that she had in her hand and she opened her eyes and mouth. I got up to talk to her but when I was standing she gave me a slap. [by pedropear]


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