Posted by: Maryi | 24/01/2011

Winter Holidays

– Hi!! Marcela, How  are you?

*  Hi!! Maryi. I’m well, thanks and you?

– I’m happy.  how  were  your  holidays? Where did  you go?

* It was funny. I was in Colombia (Cartagena). I went to Cartagena beaches with my family and my friends, then we went to have dinner at a restaurant. And how were your holidays?

– My holidays were fantastic.  I went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower with my friends, then we went shopping.

*Oh that was OK! 🙂 . I would have liked to go and know the Eiffel Tower.

–  And how was the beach?

* It was very good because the water wasn’t very cold and there were many people .

–  I  have to go now, then we’ll talk. kisses!! xD

*Ok!! goodbye 🙂

[by marceliitah & Maryi]


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