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Nightfall 23

I looked at Santa and said:

-Santa, I’m sorry but I can’t continue with this.

-What do you feel?- said Santa.

-I’m so angry and tired…

-Why are you angry?

-‘Cause I don’t understand anything!!- screamed George- First, I was at the cinema and everything was normal. Then, a lot of strange things began to happen to me: the old and dirty house, the white room, the newspapers, Fly, the hole…..YOU!!

-George, you have to be strong…- said Santa-, you only have to remember….

But suddenly another thing occurred again. Santa was talking to me when I fell on the floor. I only remember that, before I fell off, a strange thing hit me on my left arm and made a lot of blood come out. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I saw that I was at THE SAME white room that I had been before.

-Santa!!- I screamed.

A person listened to me and came into the room. She was a beautiful girl, and I knew her.

-Fly?!- I screamed again, but at this time I was happy.

-Hi George.

-I thought that you were dead!!- I replied to her.

-I know, but I can explain it to you -she said to me-. Listen. Everything started when I was at the… GEORGE!!

I fell on the floor amd my eyes were closed. When I woke up, I was at the old house. I really didn’t understand anything. I only knew that I was coming back to all the places where I have been before.

-Oh my god!! -I exclaimed.

Suddenly, something unusual occurred again. I saw the litterbin fall on the floor making a lot of noise and….. A SHADOW again!!!! But now it was moving very fast in my direction. I couldn’t say anything. The shadow was so near, so near……HEY!!

I opened my eyes. I could see a lot of people around me and ask me ‘Are you OK?’, ‘What’s your name, boy?’, ‘Would you like some water?’. I stood up and I saw a thing, a beautiful thing….I WAS AT THE CINEMA!! People said to me that I was sleeping, when I fell off and I started to say lots of strange things and names: shadows……white room……newspapers…….Santa!!…….Fly…..

I was so happy because I was at the cinema <<again>> and everything was a dream. I only began to be scared when the film finished.

When I returned home, I saw rests of blood on my left arm and, suddenly, a litterbin fell on the floor making a lot of noise. I looked back and I saw that I was the only person in the street. Everything was dark and I saw some shadows moving very fast…


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  1. OH MY GOD! What a brilliant story, the end is perfect!

  2. I love the whole story, I think we have done a GREAT work!! We are class 3B…


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