Posted by: suadu | 23/01/2011

Music 17

Next day, I saw Cristiano Ronaldo at the restaurant. Then I went running towards him and i hugged  him. Cristiano was very different because, he ignored me. We had lunch: an omelette to start, roast beef as the main course and grapefruit cake as dessert.

Later, when we finished, I said:

-What happened to you? Do you have any problems?

-No, but I hate you!!

-I don´t belive it!! you’re kidding me, are you?

-No, honestly, it’s true

I went home very tasteless and I thought I didn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo.

After some time, my mobile phone rang. It was him.

-Andre excuse me, I’m very sorry, i love you, but I was foolish, because I have a mental problem. Can I see you and explain it?

-Oh, I don’t know. Hum, ok. See you there!

-Really? Thank you Andrea!

When I arrived at the house I was very sad, because Cristiano Ronaldo was false and now I had a broken heart.


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