Posted by: noweeey | 19/01/2011

Winter Sales

Many people go to the winter sales,  it is oppressive!! But… it is fantastic for some people, they like it because clothes are cheaper than before, but other people don’t like sales because the clothes are ugly. They are not season clothes and the queue is very long.

Mateo: ‘I have got a friend that lives next to Zara, and he said that these sale days are worse than other days because there is a lot of noise…

However, not all the sales are clothes, we can find electronic devices, sport kits, furniture…

There are shops that sell clothes specially made for the ocasion, poor quality, for the winter sales; that’s scam because at the time you buy it you think it’s the same kind of clothes but cheaper, but not that the materials are worse. But even knowing this… we like sales.

This post was written by Bea and Mateo


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