Posted by: aaalvaaarooo | 14/01/2011

Nightfall 22

George didn’t  know that the man who was trying to help him was his great friend Santa Claus.

Santa Claus quickly went to his sleigh and took a long rope that would help him extract George from the hole.

Ten minutes later Santa Claus said:

-George, I have the solution to extract you from there. I will throw a long rope and you will begin to climb it, ok?

-Ok! It’s brilliant. But, who are you? Why are you helping me? – asked George.

-No more questions, you will discover when you come out to the surface. Now you should start to climb. – Santa Claus said to him.

Then, George very obediently started to climb the rope. A few moments later he was in the big desert.

click here to read the whole story


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