Posted by: aaalvaaarooo | 04/01/2011

Nightfall 21

I was very  nervous and I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I started running but the great hole reached me. Everything was very dark and I could only see the blue sky over me. I was trying to get out with all my strength, but I was very tired and I could see my death closer.

A few moments later, a brilliant light illuminated me. The colour in my face changed. I thought: “I will not die, someone has come to save me”. Suddenly, I listened a familiar voice:

-George, are you there? Are you alive?- Someone asked me.

-Yes! I’m alive! Please, help me! I need to get out of here!- I answered.  “A man was trying to calm me”, I thought.

– Calm down, don’t worry! I will help you to get out of this great hole. Wait a moment.

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