Posted by: Maryi | 25/11/2010

Music and love ♥

Helloooooooooooooo!!!!!! (this is a  conversation on tuenti)

Maryi: my favorite music is Linkin park, Greenday, Eminen , AC/DC…

Bea: I think that Maryi has become a rapper… and a rocker

Maryi: I’m not a rapper and a rocker, I listen to everything

Bea: You’re a rapper! as Belén, Maryi and Belén are a rappers! They’re in love!

Maryi: we’ve been discovered :$

Bea: Oh my god! I said it as a joke!

Maryi: … no, I like Belén, I love her

Bea: Do you? really? I could have imagined so of Belén, but not of you!

Maryi: GRRRRRRRRRRRRR xdddd. I’m leaving byeeeee! I’m meeting Belén jujujuju

Bea: :O Byeeeeeeeee, kisses!

Maryi: Kisseees!

[by Maryi & Noweeey]


  1. Maryi! I want you! GRRRRRRRR…! 😉

  2. I ♥ Belen!!
    I’m crazy for you!!♥ GRRRR….!


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