Posted by: mateooo | 24/11/2010


It’s my favourite team and people say it is very good, but it is a lie, it is more than that. Its players are amazing.

The team is composed of:

(1) The goalkeepers: Victor Valdés with number 1 and José Manuel Pinto with number 13.

(2) The defenders: Carles Puyol with number 5, Erika Abidal with number 22, Dani Alves with number 2, Maxwell with number 19, Gerard Piqué with number 3, Gabriel Milito with number 18 and Adriano Correia with number 21.

(3) The midfielders: Sergio Busquets with number 16, Iniesta with number 8, Xavi with number 6, Mascherano with number 14 and Keita with number 15.

(4) The forwards: David Villa with number 7, Messi with number 10, Bojan with number 9, Jeffren with number 11 and Pedro with number 17.

For me, the best team player in the team and in the world is Messi, he is the god of football!


  1. I don’t agree with Mateo.
    Messi isn’t the best player in the world.
    The best player in the world, for me, is Xavi Hernández, although my favourite team is Real Madrid, he deserves the FIFA Golden Ball.
    Messi in the World Cup didn’t do anything without Xavi (0 goals, the best player in the world!!??)
    At least, the flashy type, Cristiano Ronaldo, scored a goal (1 goal, the other best player in the world!!??).
    Incidentally, I think the best goalkeeper in the world is Iker Casillas.

  2. Madrid the best team? lol lol lol
    if you want to know who is better just watch this: 5-0
    and Cristiano Ronaldo is not a football player he is anything but that

  3. I agree with Mateo !!!Cristiano Ronaldo is anything but a football player

  4. I love sports, but I prefer football and basketball. My favourite team in both is Real Madrid, I prefer Iker Casillas because he is officially the best goalkeeper in the world.


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