Posted by: mn96 | 17/11/2010

Nightfall 18

– Fly, George, we’re going to England, and we’re going to solve this matter – Said Santa. -Hey, elf, give me a hamburguer, I’m hungry.

An elf left Santa’s house with a box in his hand. Them, he threw the box to Santa, and Santa opened it, and began to eat the hamburguer.

– C’mon, get on the flying sleigh -Said Santa.

Fly and me got on the sleigh and Santa Claus took the reins. The sleigh started to fly with the help of some reindeers. When the sleigh was in the highest part of the sky, the reindeer who directed the sleigh began to make stupid movements and he umbalanced the sleigh.

– What are you doing Rudolf? -Said Santa.


– Santa, Fly has fallen off – I said

– Sorry George, she is dead… – Said Santa.

“The Three Wise Men are better than this overweight old man” I thought to myself.

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