Posted by: mn96 | 13/11/2010

The Kakapo

The kakapo is a bird, a very stupid bird. That bird has got wings, but it doesn’t use them, because it is stupid, and overweight. It is like a parrot, but bigger. It’s green and yellow and lives in New Zeland. It is an endangered species, because it is so stupid. Its favourite hobbies are climbing up trees and climbing down trees. Why is kakapo is an endangered species? At mating season, when the female is on position to meet, the kakapo digs holes in the ground. It is not a joke, you can check it on the wikipedia.

Conclusion: it is stupid.

[by jorgeman & mn96]


  1. Why did you say 4 TIMES that it’s a stupid bird?? I don’t think that… :s

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