Posted by: noweeey | 13/11/2010

Nightfall 16

But still, I ask him what I’m doing there, but he gave me an answer I couldn’t understand, he spoke to me about the time when my parents died, they died at Christmas, the saddest Christmas in my life, I had the worst gifts in my life, and he probably wanted to compensate me for that Christmas, I don’t know, and I didn’t mind, the matters I mind now are: How I came to the North Pole? Is this a dream (because if it is, I don’t like this dream, I’m scared)?
We continued to talk on a sofa, I asked what day it was and he said: the twenty fourth of December,oh! time went so fast! Oh my god! When all this started, at the cinema, on the premiere: Resident evil: After life, it was summer, How could time go so fast?

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