Posted by: peace | 08/11/2010

Nightfall 14

Am I dead? Is it possible? But I can’t see anything different (I haven’t got wings).  I can see the bedroom… but there is another problem… I need to see people or I’m going to go crazy , suddenly the door opened and a person came in. “Am I dreaming?” I said.

“No, you aren’t dreaming, why should you be dreaming?” she said. The person is a girl, a beautiful girl. She’s tall and has got blue eyes and black hair. She’s wearing blue jeans and a pink T-shirt, “Oh, I see… you say this because of the problem?.”

“Yes… What’s happening?”.

“Okay… I don’t know what is happening, but I’m sure that we’ll find the right answer” she said.

“Yes” I said

Nobody talked for a one moment and suddenly she said: “I’m Fly, and what about you”?

“I’m George”- I said, and in this moment the light of the room went out…

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