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Travel in Time

2nd prize, 1st cycle, II English Literary Contest

-Is it a joke?

-No! It’s the truth! I saw it in the newspaper.

-OK… Do you need glasses or something?-I said.

-It isn’t funny, Will. I really saw it! An expert in catastrophes said that one of them was going to come, but it will be different.

-Oh, John. Did you believe it?

-I don’t know, guy. He was so convincing… I’m thinking in buying one of those anti-catastrophe shelters that he talked about…

-Pfh! Lying and swindling…

-If you want, you can laugh, but I’ll be alright, just in case. You’re my best friend and you don’t believe in me! -said John angrily.

-Oh, OK. I’m going to go with you to buy an “anti-catastrophe” shelter. But I’ll only look!

-Are you? Great, let’s go!

We went to the warehouse and we met Amanda, a friend.

-Hey, guys!-she smiled.

-Hi, Amanda.

-Where are you going? -she asked.

-John wants to buy an anti-catastrophe shelter for a “big catastrophe”- I said with a sarcastic voice.

-Great! Let’s go together -she said.

She went with us and I think that she was crazy, too.

Later, we arrived to the warehouse. There were a lot of people there. (Finally, they were all CRAZY).

-We came to look for an anti-catastrophe shelter. Have you got any?–asked John to a shop assistant.

-Yes, of course. C’mon with me–he answered.

We went to a shelter with the young shop assistant and we stayed there for hours, ‘cause we were tired and we slept. I don’t know exactly how long we stayed there, but when we went out everything was different. The world had… CHANGED.

-What has happened here? –asked scared Amanda.

-I don’t know. Let’s go and talk to the shop assistant –John said.

But there was no one.

-Maybe, we were sleeping for too long –I said. We must go home.

Really, we were all afraid, but we forgot that and we returned home (well, we tried to return home).

-And my house…Where is it? –screamed Amanda when we arrived at her “house”.

-Maybe there is some mistake with the adress –I said.

-Mistake? That’s impossible! I’ve been living here for sixteen years –she said angrily.

I didn’t say anything else. Amanda was right: her house was not there. Now, there, there was a very big building with a poster on the door. The poster said: POST OFFICE.

We came in to discover what had happened, but no one was there. There were old newspapers and a lot of postcards. One of the newspapers said: “Something strange is going to happen… the time… OUR time…”. Just at that moment, we understood that we were in the future.

-Oh, How…? When…? Why…? –Amanda said.

-What’s happening here? –John said.

-But… Hey, what’s that? –I said.

There was a “man” in front of us: he was tall, thin and pale.

-You mustn’t be here –he said with a strange voice. We’ve changed the time… and YOU MUSTN’T KNOW IT!!!

He jumped at us and…

-WILL!!! -said my mum from the kitchen. Wake up! You have school today.

-WOW! It was only a dream… or was it not?


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