Posted by: noweeey | 05/11/2010


We are Maryi, Siweeey and Noweeey. How are you? We are proud of writing in Amairgin’s blog. Are you ready?

This year is going to be diferent, this class is funny, inteligent, hard-working… because we are in this wonderful class. We don’t know what to write about, so we’ll write about boys, of course.

Siweeey: I love beautiful boys♥ Now I’m sad because my ex-boyfriend is in the same school :S But I like another beautiful boy! 😉

Noweeey: I like short boys, but… the most important thing about a boy is that he is fun! 🙂 I like one boy..mmm…. mistery hahaha ♥

Maryi: I like Spanish boys GRRR! not tall boys with black eyes, beautiful, kind, wonderful… ♥ I like every kind of boys!!

What girl do you like? What is she like?

PD: Peace and love, Maryi, Siweeey and Noweeey! 😉



  1. ¬¬’

  2. xD

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