Posted by: noeeemi | 14/10/2010

The Weather Is Bad

2nd prize, 2nd cycle, II English Literary Contest

Paul is frigtened. He doesn’t know what to do, he has a lot of fear in his eyes. The thunder and lightning are getting stronger every time. There are strange noises coming from the darkness. He looks around the room, it’s very dark in it.

He feels as if someone was behind him, just about to touch him, he turns around quickly but nowbody is there. He decides to go out of his room, to the nextdoor room, where his parents are supposed to be asleep. He knocks at the door but nowboby answers. He knocks again and at the same time he enters the room. He finds out that there’s nowbody there. As each minute passes he gets more and more scared. His parents’ room is in a terrible state. It looks like a jungle, the bed is broken up in two, the sheets and quilt are all teared up, the pictures on the wall are all broken too and there’s no words to speak about the rest of the furniture and items in the room. It’s a terrifying scene. For a moment, he started to think he was going to get mad. The sensation is getting stronger, but suddenly a light lit in his brain.

– I have to do something to escape from this  situation. I have to think in  something. – Paul says to him self.

Suddenly, he thinks about his grandfather, who had being a great adventurer and he always said :

– If you keep calm, and think you can get out of any situation however dificult it may be.

The thunder and lightning are going far and far away, the darkness becomes light and suddenly, he discovers that it all had being a dream.

He opens his eyes and finds out that he is back in his room lying on his bed, like any other day. He decides to get up, and go and see if his parents are sleeping in their room. When he gets there he finds out that everything is OK. His parents are sleeping like any other day, but there is a very curious thing on the carpet. There are several leaves and some small branches in the middle of the carpet. He has no explanation for this, but he’s relieved. He decides to go back to his bed and forget all that had happened that night. It had being a terrible nightmare.

In the morning, he wakes up like any other day, but suddenly he looks at his arms and finds that they have scratches all along. Now he doesn’t know what to think…


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