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It Was a New Day

Consolation prize, 2nd cycle, II English Literary Contest

It was a new day. The alarm clock rang and I stopped it, annoyed. I was tired and I wanted to sleep two hours more. This situation was the same all the mornings. I put on my slippers and I got up from bed and went to the kitchen. My mother wasn’t there, I supposed that she was sleeping in her bedroom. My grandfather was on the sofa and I went to the armchair to ask him about my mother. His eyes were closed, so I thought he was sleeping.

I prepared my breakfast and I had it. When I looked through the window I observed that it was raining. I loved rain, so I was happy. When I was ready to go to the bus stop to catch the bus that took me to school every morning, I heard a beautiful sound; it sounded like a violin. The sound came from my mother’s room. I went up the stairs and I approached her bedroom’s door. I saw a man through a gap in the door. His back was wide, so he looked to be a strong man, but his hands were delicate, because he played the violin with great subtlety. He could perfectly be my dad, his characteristics fit with the description of my father that my mother had told me, because I don’t have any memories of him. I was a little child when he and my mother got divorced. Suddenly, the man stopped playing his string instrument and he turned. He looked at me and an evil smile was drawn in his face. Worried, I came into the room and I saw my mother writhing on the floor. She was pale and her skin started to get darker, he looked like a corpse. I looked at the man, furious, and I saw something malicious in his look. I asked him what he had done to my poor mother and he, after a few seconds, told me the cause of my mother’s condition. With the sound of his violin he had taken possession of my mother’s and grandfather’s hearts.

I was surprised, it was impossible! How a man with a violin could take a person’s heart? But my mother’s face made me believe this. Full of rage, I rushed towards the man but he raised his delicate hand and produced a powerful wave that pushed me into the air. I was very surprised. I wanted to save my mother and my grandfather, so I decided to be calm and ask him what I must do to save them. He told me that the only solution was killing my father. I accepted and he took me to the place where my disappeared father was living. The man gave me a shotgun and I, trembling, pointed at my father and I shot.

And now I’m here, in prison, thinking that all this was a lie the devil told me to punish me.

The dreamer


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