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No sun, no lights, only darkness. My name is George. I’m alone. I’m scared…

My name is George, have I told you before? I’m alone in the theater, watching a horror movie and there’s no lights on because they are showing the film but I am scared because we are in the darkness. I’m afraid of darkness and I’m afraid of the movie. There are dead people or too many of those called zombies in the movie and the title of the movie is Resident Evil: Afterlife that is now showing on premiere in all the theaters in the city. [by marryyii]

I don’t know why the lights are off, I don’t know why the movie has stopped and I don’t know why I am alone. There were people in the movie theater before… I am really scared, I can see a shadow, it is moving, it seems to be approaching… AHHHHH it has touched me! I’m scared, I want to run away, but I can’t see, I am in the darkness… [by noweeey]

When the film finished, I left the cinema and decided to go back home on foot. After five minutes, I saw something unusual, a litterbin fell on the floor making a lot of noise. There was nobody in the street. I wondered: How can this happen? I went on walking, but something unusual occurred again, I heard some footsteps behind me and saw some shadows moving very fast. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t see anyone, it was very strange, I didn’t understand it, the shadows were not of people or animals, then… who were they? It was a question without answer. The shadows were… [by mateooo]

I don’t know!! Maybe the shadows were from the same ”thing” that had scared me at the theatre. I was afraid at the theatre, but now I was really scared because I was lost!! ”OK,don’t worry. I must only go to the nearest house and ask the people who live in it where I am” I thought. I run to the nearest house. The door was open and I went in. Everything was neglected and dirty. Nobody was in the house. Suddenly, the door closed and I screamed. I tried to open it, but I couldn’t. Inside the house there was the SAME  litterbin that I had seen on the street before, and the same shadows making a lot of noise… [by airam14]

I needed to escape! I was too afraid… I wanted to die! Dying would be less terrible than this moment. Why was I thinking in death? This must not be real, It must be a simple joke or a dream! I didn’t know. Fear didn’t let me do anything. I was standing up in the hall, I didn’t know what I must do. I could only think… Thinking is too easy… [by siweeey]

… At the next moment, I was sitting in an old sofa in the living room, because I was very tired. I was thinking about the movie. The main character was in the same situation than I was. I didn’t know what had happened to him, because the movie had stopped in this part. I was really scared. I looked for another exit, but I couldn’t find it.

I went upstairs. The shadows followed me wherever I went. There weren’t any windows on the second floor, the lights were on, but suddenly it started to thunder and the lights went off… [by cvisualgg]

The house was big, it had two floors. I wasn’t alone there. The shadows were moving very fast. A shadow was very big and long, and the other was very little. I was scared and besides, there were no windows on the second floor. On the first floor, I found a torch. The problem was it didn’t have any batteries. I was very worried. I couldn’t leave the house. Then, I stanted to cry and listened a noise. I looked behind me and the shadow was there. I cried very, very loud and then… [by aaalvaaarooo]

Suddenly the lights went on again! And the shadows dissapeared in a second! This was very strange and I only wanted to run out. I was thinking of escaping when I had an idea. I was sure that there was an attic in the house. I looked for it very fast because the shadows could return at any time. When I looked at the ceiling I saw signs of a hatch, It had to be the entry to the attic! I took a ladder from the first floor and I put it up. When I was at the top of the ladder, I struck the ceiling and the hatch opened! I had to close my eyes because there was a lot of dust in the attic, when I opened them… [by siweeey]

… I saw a lot of old and dirty pieces of furniture. There was a bed, a wardrobe, a table and many other pieces. Through the window on the roof, I could see the city. It was rainning a lot, and it sometimes thundered. I stuck my head out the window, and in a second, I got wet with the water of the violent storm. I could feel a strange feeling, and I opened the window. I looked at the city again. I felt the strange feeling again and I lost my sense for a moment. I went over the window, so I fell on the road. For a second, I could feel the rain, but I lost my sense again.

When I woke up, I was in a white room. I only asked a question: Am I dead? [by mn96]

The wall was white, the roof was white, the floor was white too and there was a white and old door in front of me. In the middle of the door there was a little window and I could see a dark corridor. At the bottom of the door, there was another little door. After two hours a hand opened the little door and gave me a plate with meat and a white plastic knife. I started to eat because I was hungry but … “Where was I?” … I thought I was in a prison. [by Nacho inglés]

Confused, I went to the door in silence. Everything was dark, I was very frightened. Suddenly the lights went on and in front of me an elderly face appeared, I screamed AHHHHH! and started to run in circles in the room. [by lidiarodri]

In the white room there’s a black chair and a table. There aren’t any people or shadows in the white room and I’m very frightened. In this moment I woke up and the white room seemed only a dream. For a few days I had the same dream, it never changed.

One day in the white room there was not a table and a chair but there was a red sofa and a black TV. On the TV I saw an image of the theatre where I was watching a film of shadows. [by policarpio/andres]

I opened my eyes and I saw something unusual on the room walls: there were lots of photos and newspaper pieces. I got up and I saw the photos better. There was a boy in all of them. He was tall and he had brown hair, but I couldn’t see his face…”Wait a moment” I thought, “he had the same tracksuit as me and that was my house, so….IT WAS ME!!” I was really scared and, I didn’t know why, I noticed the newspaper pieces. There was an old man that had died suspiciously a year ago, on the same day as today. “Maybe someone wants to hurt me” I thought, but my photos and the newspaper pieces couldn’t be linked… or could they? [by airam14]

Am I dead? Is it possible? But I can’t see anything different (I haven’t got wings).  I can see the bedroom… but there is another problem… I need to see people or I’m going to go crazy , suddenly the door opened and a person came in. “Am I dreaming?” I said.

“No, you aren’t dreaming, why should you be dreaming?” she said. The person is a girl, a beautiful girl. She’s tall and has got blue eyes and black hair. She’s wearing blue jeans and a pink T-shirt, “Oh, I see… you say this because of the problem?.”

“Yes… What’s happening?”.

“Okay… I don’t know what is happening, but I’m sure that we’ll find the right answer” she said.

“Yes” I said

Nobody talked for a one moment and suddenly she said: “I’m Fly, and what about you”?

“I’m George”- I said, and in this moment the light of the room went out… [by luasakura]

Suddenly… I appeared in the North Pole and later a fat old man with a white beard, white hair, a red hat, a red jacket, red trousers and black shoes gave me his hand. Then I went  to a big house with him and he gave me a cup of tea. I saw a lot of deer and a lot of snow… the man…was… Santa Claus!!!

Santa was very happy, very nice and very polite. There were a lot of elves in his house and he had a big magic ball on his office table… [by Amieiro]

But still, I ask him what I’m doing there, but he gave me an answer I couldn’t understand, he spoke to me about the time when my parents died, they died at Christmas, the saddest Christmas in my life, I had the worst gifts in my life, and he probably wanted to compensate me for that Christmas, I don’t know, and I didn’t mind, the matters I mind now are: How I came to the North Pole? Is this a dream (because if it is, I don’t like this dream, I’m scared)?
We continued to talk on a sofa, I asked what day it was and he said: the twenty fourth of December,oh! time went so fast! Oh my god! When all this started, at the cinema, on the premiere: Resident evil: After life, it was summer, How could time go so fast? [by noweeey]

Fly and I were with Santa Claus. Santa Claus asked Fly: Where are you from?

I live in Turkey but I’m English. My parents went to work to Turkey, they were teachers and they’re dead. They had a plane accident. I’m looking for my family. Can you help? She asked.

Santa Claus had an idea: We’re going to England on my sleigh to look for Fly’s family. This is a good Christmas gift.

Everybody was very happy, but they didn’t know the danger of this voyage… [by aaalvaaarooo]

– Fly, George, we’re going to England, and we’re going to solve this matter – Said Santa. -Hey, elf, give me a hamburguer, I’m hungry.

An elf left Santa’s house with a box in his hand. Them, he threw the box to Santa, and Santa opened it, and began to eat the hamburguer.

– C’mon, get on the flying sleigh -Said Santa.

Fly and me got on the sleigh and Santa Claus took the reins. The sleigh started to fly with the help of some reindeers. When the sleigh was in the highest part of the sky, the reindeer who directed the sleigh began to make stupid movements and he umbalanced the sleigh.

– What are you doing Rudolf? -Said Santa.


– Santa, Fly has fallen off – I said

– Sorry George, she is dead… – Said Santa.

“The Three Wise Men are better than this overweight old man” I thought to myself. [by mn96]

We were alone, the overweight old man and I, and Rudolf became crazy. Santa Claus attempted an emergency landing. Suddenly the sleigh got out of control and we fell in the sea…

…When I woke up I was in a red bedroom with a girl, I didn’t remember anything: Where was I? What had happened? Who was this girl? I couldn’t understand anything. [by cvisualgg]

I stood up  and walked around the room, that girl seemed so familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember who she was. I got out of there and left the girl sleeping on the room, as I went through the door the room disappeared and I came out in the middle of a huge sandy yellow desert, I turned three hundred and sixty degrees, the only thing I could see was sand and huge dunes.

“Wait a moment. What’s that? ” I thought, and a great black hole appeared in the middle of the desert swallowing everything including me. [by jorgeman18]

I was very  nervous and I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I started running but the great hole reached me. Everything was very dark and I could only see the blue sky over me. I was trying to get out with all my strength, but I was very tired and I could see my death closer.

A few moments later, a brilliant light illuminated me. The colour in my face changed. I thought: “I will not die, someone has come to save me”. Suddenly, I listened a familiar voice:

-George, are you there? Are you alive?- Someone asked me.

-Yes! I’m alive! Please, help me! I need to get out of here!- I answered.  “A man was trying to calm me”, I thought.

– Calm down, don’t worry! I will help you to get out of this great hole. Wait a moment. [by aaalvaaarooo]

George didn’t  know that the man who was trying to help him was his great friend Santa Claus.

Santa Claus quickly went to his sleigh and took a long rope that would help him extract George from the hole.

Ten minutes later Santa Claus said:

-George, I have the solution to extract you from there. I will throw a long rope and you will begin to climb it, ok?

-Ok! It’s brilliant. But, who are you? Why are you helping me? – asked George.

-No more questions, you will discover when you come out to the surface. Now you should start to climb. – Santa Claus said to him.

Then, George very obediently started to climb the rope. A few moments later he was in the big desert. [by aaalvaaarooo]

I looked at Santa and said:

-Santa, I’m sorry but I can’t continue with this.

-What do you feel?- said Santa.

-I’m so angry and tired…

-Why are you angry?

-‘Cause I don’t understand anything!!- screamed George- First, I was at the cinema and everything was normal. Then, a lot of strange things began to happen to me: the old and dirty house, the white room, the newspapers, Fly, the hole…..YOU!!

-George, you have to be strong…- said Santa-, you only have to remember….

But suddenly another thing occurred again. Santa was talking to me when I fell on the floor. I only remember that, before I fell off, a strange thing hit me on my left arm and made a lot of blood come out. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I saw that I was at THE SAME white room that I had been before.

-Santa!!- I screamed.

A person listened to me and came into the room. She was a beautiful girl, and I knew her.

-Fly?!- I screamed again, but at this time I was happy.

-Hi George.

-I thought that you were dead!!- I replied to her.

-I know, but I can explain it to you -she said to me-. Listen. Everything started when I was at the… GEORGE!!

I fell on the floor amd my eyes were closed. When I woke up, I was at the old house. I really didn’t understand anything. I only knew that I was coming back to all the places where I have been before.

-Oh my god!! -I exclaimed.

Suddenly, something unusual occurred again. I saw the litterbin fall on the floor making a lot of noise and….. A SHADOW again!!!! But now it was moving very fast in my direction. I couldn’t say anything. The shadow was so near, so near……HEY!!

I opened my eyes. I could see a lot of people around me and ask me ‘Are you OK?’, ‘What’s your name, boy?’, ‘Would you like some water?’. I stood up and I saw a thing, a beautiful thing….I WAS AT THE CINEMA!! People said to me that I was sleeping, when I fell off and I started to say lots of strange things and names: shadows……white room……newspapers…….Santa!!…….Fly…..

I was so happy because I was at the cinema <<again>> and everything was a dream. I only began to be scared when the film finished.

When I returned home, I saw rests of blood on my left arm and, suddenly, a litterbin fell on the floor making a lot of noise. I looked back and I saw that I was the only person in the street. Everything was dark and I saw some shadows moving very fast…


[by airam14]


  1. The story is very interesting!! When and how is it gonna finish?? We don’t know… 🙂
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