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Red, blue, white, green… lights, music, a disco on Saturday night, I’m on the dance floor…

I’m dancing with my friends when, suddenly, Cristiano Ronaldo appears at the door. I’m glad. I didn’t think he was in Lugo. I faint. When I wake up he is in front of me and I can’t believe it. He’s speaking to me. He invites me to dance. I accept. It was the best day of my life. Everything was going well until my mum called me to go home. I explain everything and she allows me to arrive later. Cristiano is signing a lot of autographs and he’s taking a lot of photos with me. After he sees off I’m crying a lot. My friends are trying to console me but I’m miserable. As I was going home down a narrow alley I noticed  a suspicious man following me… [by annndrea]

I was frightened and ran away very quickly, so I slipped and fell to the ground. It was dark at the moment and I couldn’t see his face but I heard a happy laugh: “Don’t worry, I’m here because someone wants to wish you a happy birthday”.

Suddenly, a lot of people appeared in the dark of the night then they played some music and sang. Under the moonlight I could see them. They seemed strange because they danced very very slowly… [by yagoy]

Then I saw my parents, my grandsparents, my friends and another person that I didn’t know but I didn’t  think in that because I saw Cristiano  Ronaldo again and I was stunned. I was very very happy, It was the best birthay in my life. When I arrived home I was very tired and I went to bed immediately. The next day I got up very happy with my parents but I had  go to school.
When I was going to school I saw the person that I had seen the day before. I looked to another place and when I looked again and he had disappeared… [by ivi999]

Classes started at school and I tried to think about another thing but it was nearly impossible. I had five classes in the morning and they were very boring for me. In the last class, the teacher asked me :

– “Sorry, is there anything wrong with you?”

And I answered:

– “Oh, no, no, don’t worry”

The class finished and I got out. He was right there. Where he always had been. I went to the bus stop and he followed me . [by annndrea]

I invited him to my house for lunch. When we finished the snack, Christiano helped me with my English homework. I was very creative and Christiano had a great vocabulary that he had practiced with other football players at the Champions competitions. I was very happy. We did a good teamwork!  Then, we went to the street to play football. When my mother came, tired from work, and she saw us near our house door, she felt panic because she did not understand anything. But finally I explained everything to my mother and she relaxed. In fact, my mother invited him to dinner at home. Christiano was very grateful with us and he suggested that we should go to the cinema together and that he would call his chauffeur. [by abliitha42]

After dinner, Christiano and I went to the cinema to see the film: Charlie St. Cloud. Christiano bought only one big popcorn bucket. When we were watching the movie I saw a friend but she didn’t see me. When the film finished, Christiano invited me to an ice cream, I accepted, we walked to the shop and when we arrived, it was closed. I was sad but he was happy, I asked why he was happy and he told me that he had had a good time with me. I had been happy all the time. I was happier then. [by iisaH]

Then we went to the park and we sat on a bench. We looked at our eyes and, suddenly a boy arrived and kissed me, I was surprised and Cristiano was surprised too. Cristiano asked :

What are you doing?

And the boy answered:

I’m kissing Andrea, any problem ?

Cristiano sayd:

Yes, one problem, Andrea is my girlfriend.

And I looked at Cristiano and said:

Am I? It’s, it’s really… incredible !

Then the boy started to cry and he went with his mum. I was very happy and, suddenly Cristiano took my hand, and he kissed me. Later, we walked home. [by albiita96]

On the next day, I didn’t meet Cristiano. I didn’t know where he was and he didn’t phone me. I was worried all day. When I went to have breakfast I spilt the milk on the floor. When I had lunch I choked on a fish bone and at night, when I was having a shower I slipped in the bath. I went to the hospital in an ambulance and in the hospital the doctor told me: ‘you have a broken hand’. It was a good day. [by pedropear]

Cristiano meant to stay in Lugo for a week, because he was on holiday.  When he told me that, I was very happy, I could not believe, it seemed impossible, the dream of any teenager girl. When my mother heard the news he was invited to stay at my house for the week, as being on the outskirts of Lugo he would not have problems with fans … [by roymou]

After two days, Cristiano went to Poland to play a football match with his national team. Portugal football team went to Poland on a plane but in the journey the plane had a terrible accident, it fell down on a mountain. A lot of  football players died in the accident but the doctors could save Cristiano. He was well but the doctors had to amputate his feet. He was very sad because he couldn’t play football. [by pedropear]

In the morning, Cristiano got up, it had been a dream, so he was surprised. That day, he had the match in Poland with Portugal team. It was nine o’clock. He had a shower and had breakfast. At quarter to eleven, he went to train for the football match with all the Portugal national team. He thought he was prepared for the match because he had been training a lot of days for this match. At three o’clock he went to have dinner with all the team, and at half past five he went to his room, because he had to be prepared for the trip to Poland at seven o’clock. [by aalvaroo]

But the fans knew Cristiano Ronaldo was in that hotel and they started to follow him.

He opened the window and they were there, he opened the door and they tried to come into the room and they cried: “Cristiano Ronaldo, we want a baby of yours”.

It was a nightmare, he couldn’t go out and he had to catch a plane to Poland. What could he do?

Finally, he phoned his coach.

His coach appeared in the hotel with the police but they couldn’t get out of the hotel until eight o’clock. They were late for the match! [by yagoy]

Cristiano Ronaldo was so angry because he coudn’ t catch the plane to go to the match…

Fans sometines are a good. It’s an important thing to be excited and in a good mood at the begining of every match, but in that case they were not.

Fortunatly he was there with his coach that helped him solve this problem. He told him that he should call his personal aeroplane to be able to get to the match.

Finally, and after a hard trying to be on time he couldn’t , but Cristiano was so happy to be there to celebrate with his friends that they had won the match… [by abliitha42]

When the party finished, Cristiano felt pain in his right ankle and he went home to rest. The following day, when it got up to have breakfast, he noticed that his ankle had swollen and he went rapidly to the hospital. When he got to the hospital all the people were asking for autographs and photos him, but his bodyguard took him rapidly to the doctor. They took an X-ray photography of him, Cristiano had sprained his ankle and they had to plaster his foot. [by cl96]

Cristiano was very unhappy because  he couldn’t participate in the football matches and he could only walk with crutches and his friends couldn’t visit him because they had to work. He was bored in bed and he slept, he dreamt that he was running because a ghost was following him. He wanted to run but he couldn’t because he had a terrible pain in his foot. Then he tried to catch his crutches but they weren’t there. He was frightened and he tried to jump on his left ankle. Suddenly the ghost appeared next to him and he took his right ankle …   [by yagoy]

… Cristiano woke up. He didn’t feel any pain in his ankle. He decided to go to the hospital and check how his ankle was. The doctor was very surprised when he saw that his ankle was perfect. Cristiano went back home. On his way home, his telephone rang. It was Andrea.

– “Hello, my darling. I was thinking about it a lot and I think I love you very much.”

– “Can we meet and talk?”

– “Yes, of course. Shall we meet at five at ‘Ruta Café’?

– “OK, see you there.”

[by adridj12, borjafb, anndrea, cl96]

Next day, I saw Cristiano Ronaldo at the restaurant. Then I went running towards him and i hugged  him. Cristiano was very different because, he ignored me. We had lunch: an omelette to start, roast beef as the main course and grapefruit cake as dessert.

Later, when we finished, I said:

-What happened to you? Do you have any problems?

-No, but I hate you!!

-I don´t belive it!! you’re kidding me, are you?

-No, honestly, it’s true

I went home very tasteless and I thought I didn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo.

After some time, my mobile phone rang. It was him.

-Andre excuse me, I’m very sorry, i love you, but I was foolish, because I have a mental problem. Can I see you and explain it?

-Oh, I don’t know. Hum, ok. See you there!

-Really? Thank you Andrea!

When I arrived at the house I was very sad, because Cristiano Ronaldo was false and now I had a broken heart.

[by suadu]



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