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The Goddess of Night and Rain

Consolation prize, 2nd cycle, II English Literary Contest

Once upon a time, a child fell in love with a beautiful girl. He did not know the meaning of what he felt, and yet he confessed to the girl. She smiled, kissed him and said, ‘When you grow up you will discover’. The girl was about to leave, but the child’s heart told him not to let it happen. The child asked her to stay by his side, not away. But she replied that she could not stay. ‘At least tell me your name’ asked the child. She was named Amaya. The child was going to say his name when the girl stopped him and said ‘Johan, I know who you are and we’ll meet again’. The girl disappeared as if it had been a dream.
Time passed and Johan grew into a man. One day, a beautiful woman with red hair came home. Johan asked who she was. She said she was an acquaintance of Amaya. Johan recalled who Amaya was and what he felt for her. Johan asked where Amaya was, but the woman replied that she would soon come for him. Suddenly, the woman transformed, her eyes darkened and long black wings as those of bats spread on her back. Johan horrified fled from the house, but the woman flew in Johan’s direction. She caught him as he ran and took him across land and sea to reach a giant pillar.
The pillar was so high that it was lost in the clouds. She flew to the top of the pillar where it had a circular platform. She released Johan and went down with care. Johan asked why she had done that, why she had brought him to this place. She said she was to lure the goddess of night and rain. Johan asked who this goddess was. She said she was Amaya. Johan was impressed. But he did not care because he loved her even if she was a goddess.
The night came and heavy rain came with it. Johan thought of a way out, but he stopped thinking. His whole body was paralyzed because he saw a beautiful woman appear. Johan recognized Amaya. Amaya looked at him and smiled. He tried to approach to him but she stopped him. ‘What are you doing sister?’, Amaya asked. She replied that she would destroy him. She produced a sword and tried to kill Johan. But Amaya stopped her with another sword. They began to fight. During the battle, Amaya lost her sword, which fell near Johan. The woman raised her sword to give the final blow. But Johan took the sword and pierced her heart. The woman screamed and then fell over the edge of the platform to the sea. Time passed and Johan and Amaya married and lived happily ever after.


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