Posted by: Marta Salgado Castelo | 26/07/2010

Student and Sportswoman?

I am sixteen years old, and I am persuaded that effort brings success. I’m Marta Salgado Castelo, a young woman who unlike many girls of her age, has to manage time to handle all the activities in which she is involved: being a daughter, a sister, a student, a friend and an athlete.

Student in the day, Sportswoman in the afternoon

I’ve actually just completed the fourth year of ESO and I will start the first of BAC at Xoán Montes Secondary School, Lugo, and runs in my veins  the passion and dedication to the sport.

Although I never had noticed anything in the world of sport for several years of my life (I got into a sport and was already three months in another). I known a teacher who made me change my mind about that and since I have 13 years physical entertainment became my passion.

The sport in which ventured for the first time skating was starting to train in a team that had at school (which is why they like are my friends because I too).

Monday to Friday, going to classes at the institute mentioned above, back to my house, like, rest and get ready to go training. I will you be asking and when you study?, As the answer is simple: to return to train (when you return from training, you take a good shower and you start to look at is as if you’re new, more motivated than ever and very more concentration).
I assure that’s not easy to pursue the sport that I love (athletics) and at the same time fulfill the responsibilities of the athlete, however, assure you retire from the sport was not among my options, it is more, I devote myself to it all my life.


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