Posted by: amairgin | 12/07/2010

Just another final: Louth vs Meath

While many of IES Xoán Montes students were preparing for a vibrating football match between Spain and Holland, many students in Ireland were enjoying another final: Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship Final. Have you ever heard of this? Well it’s gaelic football, and it is really exciting to play and to watch. A faster and more exciting game than common soccer.

And why was this final important? Well, Louth had the possibility to get to an All-Ireland Football Final for the first time in 53 years (they won the All-Ireland Championship back in 1957), so all the people in the county were really looking forward to the match. But as many times when great expectations are created, there are problems which make things difficult and dreams have to wait for the next time. On this occasion, Louth encountered a fake goal against.


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