Posted by: mariav3a | 16/06/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 20

Daniel was very confused, but that was not my problem. I loved Elba and did she love me? This question didn’t have an answer. I was really very nervous, because I didn’t know this answer. In the evening, I spoke to Daniel. He was very annoyed, because Elba had spoken to him about the kiss with me. Daniel had split up with Elba. I was very happy but I hadn’t split up with Kelly. I needed to speak to Kelly to break off.

In the evening, I went to the park. Because my house was very noisy and I needed silence.

When I left home, I met Kelly, she wanted to speak to me about my problem with Elba. But I didn’t speak to her.

At home, I went to my bedroom and I watched TV. On TV I watched a film: Jumanji. It’s a very exciting film.

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