Posted by: nonseiainda | 16/06/2010

Andrew 14

That day was the best in Andrew’s life. The girl he loved was going out with him and he was the happiest man in the world. The next day they met in the beach at four o’clock. When Andrew was going to the beach he saw Zoe’s dad. He was talking to a man and a woman with strange appearance. They were giving Zoe’s dad a very big package. So Andrew decided to spy on him and he sent a text message to Zoe to cancel their date. But Zoe’s mobile’s battery went dead and she couldn’t receive the text message. The next day, Zoe phoned Andrew very upset because he hadn’t gone to their date. He explained her that he had sent a text message to her mobile to cancel the date because he had seen her dad with strange people and he decided to spy on him. She asked Andrew about what had happened after that and he said…

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