Posted by: gigilita | 14/06/2010

Andrew 13

Andrew didn’t believe that story.
– Are you  sure this story is true? – asked Andrew. Zoe looked at him with hatred in her eyes: “Of course! Why would it be a lie? Tell me!” Andrew looked at her, at this moment she was crying.
– Listen, OK, it’s impossible, you’re right! …but, on the other hand, days are passing and now I can’t understand anything …sorry, I’m stupid.
Zoe looked at him.
-The past is the past -she said- I want to forget.
“I’m your best friend, OK?,  If you need my help you just have to call me, OK?  I’m forever with you.”
Zoe smiled. She wanted to do something, she wanted to show how much she loved him.
“I like you very much. You’re charming.”
I do not believe it… – thought Andrew, he loved her but she only loved him like a friend, he knew.
– Honestly!- added Zoe
And when he was going to answer, Zoe hugged him and looked at his mouth. Andrew was very nervous, but he knew what he wanted and she wanted the same.
“I love you” – she whispered, and at this moment he kissed her lips.

click here to read the whole story


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