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Playground 26

The woman was shocked, she didn’t know what to answer. She was scared, her face was very pale, her eyes were staring at Mike. She didn’t say anything. Mike was very impatient. He wanted to know the truth, but he was unable to take a single word out of the woman’s lips. Suddenly, the woman got up and she started to speak. Mike cound’t believe what was happenning:

– The person who paid me is your grandfather or at least that’s what he said. The woman said.

– Are you sure that… that is the truth? Mike asked.

– As far as I know, this is the truth.

– Ok. Thanks a lot.

Mike was about to leave when the woman said to him:

– Your grandfather will never do any harm to you, but be careful.  Your grandfather is not a vampire, but there are other people around that are worse than vampires. They are the sort of people you should never go with. Be careful with every movement you do. Good luck!

Mike went home to think about all the things the woman had said to him.

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