Posted by: carmen527 | 30/05/2010

Playground 25

On his way to the library, Mike  noticed that a woman was following him and he turned round. At that moment the woman stopped in front of a shop and Mike went on walking but he noticed again that she was following him, he turned round again and asked her : “Are you following me?”, but the woman didn’t asnwer. Suddenly, the woman fainted and Mike helped her to sit down on a bench. When she recovered consciousness Mike asked her : “Who are you?” and the woman answered : “I don’t know”.

Mike told her : “You are in Queen Street and you were following me when you fainted and I helped you”.

The woman answered : “Oh, I remember, this morning I woke up, I got dressed and went out. When I was buying some bread and milk a man approached me and started to talk: “Do you want to earn a lot of money?”, I didn’t answer so he went on talking : “You’ll earn the money but it won’t be dangerous for you” so I asked : “What do I have to do?” and the man answered: “Its very easy, you have to follow this boy” and he showed me your photo.

Then Mike asked the woman: “What was the man like?”

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