Posted by: Jairaaa. | 28/05/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 17

It was a very strange situation.  Why did Kelly speak with me about an arragement? I didn’t know what to do and I told her:  ‘I’m in a hurry I need to go’. Suddenly she shouted at me: ‘You’re always avoiding me! Why you don’t want to speak to me? I was very tired to be always arguing with Kelly and I left her there. When the exchange students arrived, my look searched for Elba. When I found her I felt happiness. Her appearance had changed, but at the same time she had got more beautiful than before. She also saw me and smiled. She ran close to me and told me: ‘Hi John! Long time we haven’t met!’ and all of a sudden she kissed me. I was nearly hallucinating… When she stopped kissing me she apologize to me: ‘I’m so sorry! I’m so happy to see you, pardon me, sometimes my feelings drive my actions and I don’t think in the impact’. At the same time she was speaking to me, she smiled and her face blushed. I answered: ‘Don’t worry’. I said goodbye to her and I began to search my exchange classmate. I found him, he was called Daniel. He was in the same class as Elba, I asked if they were friends. He told me: ‘Yes, we’re going out’. I was really shocked, Elba was going out with Daniel, they were a couple, but at the same time she had kissed me… One more question without an answer that came to my mind. ‘I should speak to Elba’ I thought, because maybe… she loved me?. The next day at school when I was looking for Elba, Kelly spoke to me: ‘John, I saw Elba and you kissing yesterday, are you going out?’. I got serious and I said: ‘No, you’re in a mistake. It was just a kiss’. Kelly replied: ‘No, you’re in a mistake? Are you trying to fool me? I know you’re a couple. Because of this you broke with me. I’m going to speak to Elba, maybe she doesn’t lie to me’. I yelled: ‘No, please, Kelly, maybe we could make an arrangement’

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