Posted by: αиgιε | 26/05/2010

Playground 24

Mike was scared and he started to think how his grandfather had found him or if he had followed him. Before his grandfather realized that he had a vampire book, Mike hid it under the old books. His grandfather was looking at him intensely at his eyes and Mike couldn’t control the fear that he felt and he wanted to go away quickly,but his grandfather started to ask him some questions:

– What are you doing here, Mike? And how did you come in?

– I was going to the library to do a school project, but I noticed this store, but I was already leaving the store, so…bye!

The grandfather looked thoughtful for a moment, but then he went away. Later, Mike came back to the old store. He went to look for the old books and he took the last of them, that was the book about vampires. He took it and went to the library.

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