Posted by: lokiita15 | 25/05/2010

Andrew 9

Fortunately, she was discharged from hospital and was sent home. When she arrived at her house, she went to her room and she lay on her bed, she thought about the accident, and she tried to remember the car and the driver but she could just remember the colour of  the  car. The car was red. The next day, Andrew phoned Zoe to ask about her health. She told him to go to her home. He went to her house and spoke to her. She said that she could remember the colour of the car and he said that she had to tell the police. But she did not want to. She was afraid of recalling the past. Some days later she could walk and she started her lesssons again, but she was afraid of the red car. She could not  forget it. When she came back home, she saw the red car in front of her house. When she went  in, she heard a voice which was very familiar…

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